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Treasury International Capital  
Released On 10/16/2018 4:00:00 PM For Aug, 2018
PriorPrior RevisedActual
Foreign Demand for Long-Term U.S. Securities$74.8 B$66.7 B$131.8 B

At $131.8 billion, August's headline inflow overstates foreign interest in U.S. securities. Foreign accounts were big buyers of long-term securities in the month, at a net $77.1 billion split between $70.2 billion in private purchases and $7.2 billion of official purchases. But adding significantly to the total was selling by U.S. accounts of foreign long-term securities, at a net $54.7 billion in selling almost entirely centered in foreign bonds that offset marginal buying of foreign equities.

The breakdown of foreign buying shows a sizable $63.1 billion in Treasuries with agency bonds at $16.0 billion and corporate bonds at $14.9 billion. But foreign interest in U.S. equities has been sinking noticeably in recent reports and continued to do so in August, down $16.9 billion.

With trade war a risk, Treasury holdings by Chinese accounts are closely watched and so far there is no indication of retaliation. Yet Chinese accounts did decrease their holdings in August but only slightly, by $6.0 billion to $1.165 trillion. Yet looking back at August 2017, Chinese holdings are down $36.6 billion over the last year. Japanese accounts decreased their holdings in the latest month by more than $5 billion to $1.030 trillion. Brazilian accounts are the next biggest holders of U.S. Treasuries, way back at $318 billion.

Though the headline is skewed, demand for U.S. securities was still solid in August offering a key offset to the nation's stubbornly high trade deficit and increasing government deficit.

These Treasury data track the flows of financial instruments into and out of the United States. Instruments tracked include Treasury securities, agency securities, corporate bonds, and corporate equities.  Why Investors Care

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